Café in Kyuraku’s Neighborhood.. 東山のカフェ

  • 2012.07.31 Tuesday
  • 22:05

There is a café just 1 minute walk away from Gion-Kyuraku.



Everything on the menu is great and reasonably priced.



ランチメニューはチキンピラフやパスタ.. それにサンドイッチなど



It is very relaxing atmosphere inside with the beautiful Japanese garden!

店内の雰囲気も素敵で、今の季節は.. 美しい緑に癒されます。

この美しい庭..... きっと、春夏秋冬それぞれの美しさで訪れる人たちを癒してくれるのでしょうね。

Our 1st guests to Gion-Kyuraku… 最初のお客様

  • 2012.07.03 Tuesday
  • 23:22

We are getting ready to have our 1st guests at Gion-Kyuraku.


I arranged seasonal flowers and some greenery at the wash basin and the front entrance.


祇園久楽に最初のお客様をお迎えするにあたり 季節の花を生けてみました。

Ajiki Laneway... あじき路地

  • 2012.06.16 Saturday
  • 22:06

Ajiki Laneway is located a short 5 minute walk away from Gion-Kyuraku.


These 10 Machiyas originally built approximately 100 years ago were restored in 2004, and turned into an interesting shopping laneway.


Many of the shops only open on the weekend; bakery, lighting shop, dry flower shop, Japanese wallet/bag shop etc…


If you have some time on a weekend when you stay at Gion-Kyuraku, this laneway is definitely a must see place on your list.










Japanese Apricot Tree.. 梅の実

  • 2012.06.02 Saturday
  • 21:54

It was in February that the plum tree at Gion-Kyuraku had beautiful pink flowers. 

2月に綺麗なピンクの花を咲かせて私たちを癒してくれた庭の梅の木.... 今は青い実をたくさんつけています


Now the tree has come into bearing fruit… it looks like the summer is around the corner.




The flower arrangement done by my mother for Gion-Kyuraku! フラワーアレンジメント

  • 2012.05.18 Friday
  • 22:11

It always amazes me how well my mother can make the simplest flowers look so wonderful!







Lighting Fixture... アンティーク照明

  • 2012.04.22 Sunday
  • 19:13

Antique lighting fixtures are now installed at Gion-Kyuraku.


It looks like this was original to the house…



It beautifully matched with our restored machiya.  Don’t you think?


まるで昔からそこにあったかのように 馴染んでいます。